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LiNNOTAM MOS – Improved formula for offshore applications

Licharz continuously optimizes the formulas for their LiNNOTAM family of products. The choice of the right additives and the exact mix ratios has a decisive influence on the behaviour of the material. That is how the ideal grade can be made for every application. One result of this developmental work is the improved LiNNOTAM MOS.

MOS – the ingredient for more hardness

The abbreviation MOS stands for Molybdenum disulfide. The crystalline Sulfide is normally used as a dry lubricant. Licharz uses it as an additive for their cast polyamide LiNNOTAM MOS. The special chemical structure of MOS increases the crystallinity of the plastic. This makes LiNNOTAM MOS especially wear resistant and improves its sliding properties. A lower moisture absorption also makes the material more dimensionally stable.

The special additive for LiNNOTAM MOS: Molybdenum disulfide
The special additive for LiNNOTAM MOS: Molybdenum disulfide

Optimized for use in offshore applications

LiNNOTAM MOS with its high wear resistance and good sliding properties is useful everywhere where external lubrication is not wanted or not possible. Pulleys, slider pads and cable guides of LiNNOTAM MOS are used in drilling towers, for example in offshore oil production. An improved formula makes it the ideal material for this application: the especially homogeneous, fine crystalline structure also results in a higher creep resistance.

Available immediately – from stock

Licharz offers rods and sheets of LiNNOTAM MOS from stock in popular diameters and thicknesses. The semi-finished products are available in classic anthracite color. Thicknesses from 10 – 100 mm or diameters from 30 to 250 mm are available. Other dimensions are available on request.

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