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Due to the highly crystalline molecular structure, material properties are created which are far superior to those of conventional polyamides in many ways. The properties typical for polyamides and appreciated by users are thus mostly retained, e.g. wear resistance / abrasion resistance and the good sliding properties, and are further supported by the special molecular structure.

The main difference to the conventional polyamides is considered to be the material characteristics of tough yet hard. The LiNNOTAMHiPERFORMANCE materials exhibit a hardness which is essential for many technical applications, without becoming brittle and breakable. At the same time a high degree of toughness is assured.


  • natural
  • black

LiNNOTAMHiPERFORMANCE is available in different variations:

  • LiNNOTAMHiPERFORMANCE 612 : is a co-polyamide manufactured by static casting from the raw materials Caprolactam and Laurinlactam.
  • LiNNOTAMHiPERFORMANCE 1200 : is manufactured from the raw material Laurinlactam on the basis of anionic reaction in a pressureless monomer casting process.

What advantages offers LiNNOTAMHiPERFORMANCE :


Polyamide with greater impact resistance, less water absorption and improved creep resistance compared to pure LiNNOTAM.


Cast polyamide based on Laurinlactam. Very good impact resistance, toughness, excellent dimensional stability, lowest water absorption, very good creep resistance, hydrolysis resistance, good chemical resistance.

Typical applications

  • Gears
  • Toothed racks
  • Pinions
  • Rollers with long idle times
  • Crane support pads

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