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Sheaves for cranes – reliable dimensioning

LiNNOTAM Sheaves

The sheave with a diameter of 1.20 m out of black LiNNOTAM with a rolling bearing is used as a deflection sheave, for example, in mobile cranes, lattice boom cranes and gantry cranes, among other machines. The performance of the heavy-duty cast polyamide is just as striking as the size of the exhibit.

The advantages of LiNNOTAM sheaves include a low running noise, light weight, high wear and corrosion resistance, maintenance-free operation and a rope-preserving elasticity.

LiNNOTAM sheaves for cranes

The heavy-duty plastic offers a good distribution of the surface load on the rope and thereby reduces pressure on the rope. This is an advantage for you, as the user, as it increases the service life of steel ropes considerably. In addition, LiNNOTAM cast polyamide cushions and absorbs any vibrations of the moving rope that may harm the bearings. This ensures a longer lifespan of the drive train and bearing components.

Ensuring safe operation – despite ever more exacting demands

Technological progress in cranes and lifting equipment brings with it new challenges for heavy-duty components. Ever greater loads must be moved as economically as possible. This means that the load bearing capacities and reliable dimensioning of our LiNNOTAM sheaves must meet ever more exacting demands. Based on our experience in the successful application and reliable operation of LiNNOTAM sheaves in practice, as well as state-of-the-art calculations and simulations, our applications engineers therefore dimension and calculate every new sheave precisely for each specific application.

Testing theory against practice

At the latest International Crane Conference our applications engineers demonstrated how reliably their calculations measure up to operation in practice. "Testing our calculated and theoretical findings in practice provides us with valuable input for the fast and reliable dimensioning of sheaves," says Licharz applications engineer Manfred Eberweiser.

In a test series the Licharz experts compared static calculations and FEM simulations with the results of a practice test series. Both sheaves with a steel core and pure plastic components were put to the test under different operating and ambient conditions. Among other things, the temperature of the shaft, hub, bar, roller and cage assembly and rope as well as deformations and tensions of the sheave were measured under static dynamic loads. The results of the practice tests are ground-breaking, and a comparison with the theoretical calculations shows that LiNNOTAM cast polyamide has even higher load bearing capacities than indicated by the calculations.

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