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Tubes from cast polyamides for every application and industry

Licharz at the K 2016 in Dusseldorf, 19th - 26th October, Hall 5 / Booth F11

Did you know? Licharz delivers coloured tubes with outer diameters from 50 to 880 mm – a very broad range. There is also a wide choice in the combination of outer and inner diameters. The internal diameter can be produced close to the final dimensions.

Available in LiNNOTAM and POM

You also have a choice of materials. LiNNOTAM and POM give you a choice between our proven engineering plastics. The cast polyamides LiNNOTAM and the extruded POM both offer good mechanical properties and high wear resistance. Our tubescan be used in all industries.

Easy machining because of the thin wall sections

Save machining time and costs thanks to the inner diameter. This enables quick and easy machining. Another benefit when machining the tubes is the dimensional stability offered by their low residual stress.

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